Curriculum Vitae

Jessica R. Hammerman


2013                Ph.D., Modern European History and Jewish History, City University of New York,
The Graduate and University Center.

Dissertation: Jews and the Algerian War, 1954–1962

2007                M. Phil, Modern European History and Jewish History, CUNY Graduate Center.

1999                B.A., Washington University in St. Louis, History and Comparative Literature,  Magna cum laude.

Professional Appointments

2013–              Assistant Professor II, World History, Central Oregon Community College, Department of World Languages and Cultures

2014                Adjunct Assistant Professor, Oregon State University–Cascades, Social Sciences

2009–13          Instructional Technology Fellow, Macaulay Honors College and Hunter College

2006–13          Adjunct Assistant Professor, CUNY Brooklyn College, Baruch College,  LaGuardia Community College.

2011–12          Adjunct Lecturer, Marymount Manhattan College, History and International Relations, Department of Social Sciences

2007–09          Brooklyn College, Writing-Across-the Curriculum Fellow

Related Professional experience

2012–14      Technology and Advising Associate, Hunter College, Office Prestigious Scholarships

2002–13      Copy Editor (freelance) for Sherman’s Travel, Travel + Leisure, Jewcy, Time Out New York, Glass Quarterly, and Penguin books.

2001–04      Playbill Magazine, Classical Arts New York, Program Editor and Text Designer.

1999–2000      Research and Broadcast Assistant at Galaxie Presse, Paris, France.



Book Manuscript in Preparation

The Heart of the Diaspora: Jews and the Algerian War, 1954–1962.

Peer-Reviewed Articles and Book Chapters

“By Sentiment and By Status: Remembering Crémieux during the Franco-Algerian War,” forthcoming in French Politics, Culture and Society. (Spring 2018)

“A Jewish-Muslim Battle on the World Stage: Constantine, Algeria 1956” in The Jews of Modern France: Images and Identities, Nadia Malinovich and Zvi Kaplan, eds., September 2016.

“Des Juifs Français Contre la Torture en Algérie” in Archives Juives, March 2015, pp. 109-127.

“From Childhood to Old Age in twenty-four years: The Ecole Maïmonide in Algiers, 1940-1964,” From Catalonia to the Caribbean: The Sephardic Orbit from Medieval to Modern Times: Essays in Honor of Jane. S. Gerber. eds. Federica Francesconi, Stanley Mirvis, and Brian Smollett (Leiden: Brill, forthcoming).

Popular Articles

“Mugged by Reality: The Post-Colonial Dream of Jewish-Algerian Identity” in The Sephardi Report,  Summer/Fall 2015, pp. 12-17.

“Defending a Man that I Hate (Or at Least His Right to Free speech).” The Broadside, January 29, 2015.

“Oasis Fruit.” Text/Context. The Jewish Week (Nextbook,) September 8, 2010.

“Something Old, Something New: Algerian Wedding Traditions Inspired a One-of-a-kind Dress.” Text/Context. The Jewish Week (Nextbook,) June 18, 2010.

Encyclopedia Entries

2014    “Judaism: An Introduction” Khan Academy, the Smarthistory Team.

2014    “Jewish History to the Middle Ages,” Khan Academy, the Smarthistory Team.

2014    “Jewish History—1750 to WWII,” Khan Academy, the Smarthistory Team.

2104    “Jewish History: The Postwar Period,” Khan Academy, the Smarthistory Team.

2014   “Myriam Ben” in Encyclopedia of Jews in the Islamic World. Norman Stillman, ed. Brill Academic Publishers, New York.

2014    “Gisèle Halimi” in Encyclopedia of Jews in the Islamic World.

2014    “Daniel Timsit” in Encyclopedia of Jews in the Islamic World.

2010    “Jacques Lazarus” in Encyclopedia of Jews in the Islamic World.

Book Reviews

Maybe Missed: Libya and the Holocaust: Yossi Sucary’s Benghazi-Bergen-Belsen in Film and Fiction for French Historians, vol. 8, issue 1, October 2017.

“Review of Saharan Jews and the Fate of French Algeria by Sarah Abrevaya Stein” in Canadian Journal of History (University of Toronto Press), vol. 50, no. 2, Autumn 2015, pp. 388–90.

“Review of Neil MacMaster, Burning the Veil: The Algerian War and the ‘Emancipation’ of Muslim Women” in French History (Oxford University Press), vol. 25, no. 4, December 2011, pp. 531–33.


Awards and Honors

2016                Finalist; Malcolm Bowie Prize from the Society of French Studies for “Des Juifs Français Contre la Torture en Algérie”

2016                US Holocaust Memorial Museum Hess Faculty Seminar Grant on the Postwar

2014                National Endowment of the Humanities (NEH) Grant for Institute, North Africa

2009–12          Blanksteen Fellow, CUNY Graduate Center, Center for Jewish Studies

2012                Maurice Amado Foundation Travel Grant, Association for Jewish Studies

2008, 2010      J&O Winter Research Grant, Rosenthal Institute for Holocaust Studies

2010                Abbe and Martin Tackel Dissertation Research Travel Fellow

2010                Max Grill Fellowship for Conference Papers

2008–09          Sophie Bookhalter Fellow in Jewish Culture, Center for Jewish History, New York

2008–09          Randolph L. Braham Dissertation Award, CUNY Graduate Center

2008                Travel Research Grant, CUNY Graduate Center History Department

2007                Dissertation Research Grant, CUNY Center for Jewish Studies

2005                Dorot Fellow, Center for Advanced Holocaust Studies, U.S.  Holocaust Memorial Museum, Washington, D.C.

2003–07          Robert Gilleece Fellowship, CUNY Graduate Center


Invited Talks

2017    “Algerian Jews Interpret FLN Violence, 1957-60,” at Oregon French Historians Group, October 14.

2017    “Understanding Antisemitism in Charlottesville,” at Unpacking Charlottesville Rountable, Bend, OR, October 4.

2015    “Global Antisemitism” on KPOV 88.9 OpenAir with Dawn Newton, November 18.

2015    “Memory, Empathy, History” for Central Oregon’s Holocaust Remembrance Day, April 15.

2015    “French culture in the Maghreb,” North African Soirée Roundtable, planned and organized with Robert Harrison and Karim Hamdy, World Cultures Club COCC, November 16.

2015    “Christians, Jews, and Muslims in North Africa” for the Deschutes Public Library, theme “Africa.” March 16.

2015    “Nations: Israel and Palestine, India and Pakistan” for the Season of Nonviolence and screening of My So-Called Enemy for the Season of Nonviolence at COCC, January 29.

2014    “The Vanishing North African Jews,” North African Soirée Roundtable, planned and organized with Nabil Boudraa and Amadou Fofana, Historical Club COCC, November 4.

2014    “North African Jewish History and Music,” KPOV 88.9 Radio, The Point, October 31.

2014    “Using Technology to Teach Research,” COCC Teaching Academy on Designing Research Assignments, May 9.\

2014    “Gray Zones,” Community Holocaust Days of Remembrance, Hitchcock Auditorium, Bend, Oregon, April 27.

2013    “Jews in Algeria: A Brief History,” City College of New York, April 30.

2011    “Rebuilding a Sense of Jewish Community in France and Algeria after the Liberation (1944–54)” at Rosenthal Institute for Holocaust Studies, New York, May 11.

2010    “Israelites or Israelis?  Algerian Jews caught between Zionism and Pan-Arabism during the Algerian War” at NYU French Colonial Studies—Francophone African History Workshop, New York, October 22.

2010    “Algerian Jewry and the Encyclopedia of Jews in the Islamic World,” at the New York Public Library, New York, NY, April 26.

2009    “Unraveling Identities: Preserving the Good France, 1954–56,” CUNY Center for Jewish Studies Workshop, New York, October 19.\

2009    “Fantasies of Mutual Redemption,” Center for Jewish History, New York, May 4.

2007    “The Final Solution and Einsatzgruppen,” Frances S. Patai Nazi Holocaust Guest Lecture, City College Center for Worker Education, New York, November 12.


Conference Activity

2016    Jack and Anita Hess Faculty Seminar; “After the Holocaust: Teaching the Postwar World” at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, Washington, D.C., January 3-8.

2015    “And what did the Jews think of the War?” (Panel Organizer: “Teaching the Algerian War”) at the Society of French Historical Studies, Colorado Springs, CO, April 15-19.

2014    “Burying Jewish Algeria” at “American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee at 100” in New York, NY, September 7–8.

2014    “Research Directions: Algerian Jews after 1962” at the NEH Summer Institute, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia: Literature, the Arts, and Cinema since Independence, Corvallis, OR, June 23–July 11.

2013    “Algerian Jews and the Vichy Experience,” on the panel “The Historical Reach of Vichy: Algerian turmoil, collaborationist youth, and the face of resistance” at the Western Society for French Historical Studies, Atlanta, GA, October 24–27.

2011    Organized panel entitled “Jews in France and the colonies during Europe’s mid-century crises,” and presented “Jewish Women and the Algerian War for Independence” at Association for Jewish Studies, Washington, D.C., December 20–23.

2011    “A War Against the Jews: Pied-Noir Antisemitism and the Jewish Perception of ‘Events’ in Algeria, 1954–1956” for “New Approaches to Algerian Jewish Studies” at UCLA, Los Angeles, CA,
October 23–24.

2010    “L’Héritage d’Adolphe Crémieux pendant la Guerre d’Algérie” at “Les Juifs du Maghreb et la France: traditions et changements” at Université Sorbonne-Paris, France, June 28–30.

2010    “A Jew in the FLN” at the Society for French Historical Studies, Phoenix, AZ, April 9–11.

2009    “French Jews Protest Torture” at the Association for Jewish Studies, Los Angeles, CA, Dec. 20–22.

Courses Taught

Ancient Societies (Prehistory–500 C.E.)

Empires and Colonies in Global History, 1600-1975

Europe and the World, Renaissance to the Present

The Expansion of World Religions, 500–1700

The Future of New York City Under Water

History and the Graphic Novel

History of Islamic Civilizations

The History of the Middle East

Karl Marx and Modern Economics

Legacies of World War II in Europe and the colonies

The Modern Maghreb

Modern European History

Modern World History: Industrialization, Nations and War, 1800 – Present

The Peopling of New York City

Public History

Sexuality in 20th-Century Europe

The Shaping of the Modern World, 1750 to 1960s

Women in 20th-Century Europe

World History: Ancient, Medieval, and Modern


Departmental Service, Central Oregon Community College

2013–              Faculty Advisor and Founder, Historical Club / World Cultures Club

2016                Search Committee, Full-time advisor

2015                Completed Training for Hybrid and Online Course Offerings


Departmental Service, CUNY Graduate center

2011–13      Founder and Facilitator, Writing “Goals” Group

2008–10      Student Delegate, Executive Committee of the History Department

2008            Organizer, Faculty Roundtable about Writing, Department of History



  • English (native)
  • French (fluent)
  • Spanish (reading ability)
  • Hebrew (reading ability)
  • German (beginner)

Professional Memberships

  • American Historical Association
  • Association for Jewish Studies
  • French Colonial Historical Society
  • Society for French Historical Studies
  • Western Society for French Historical Studies
  • World History Association


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